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Lavena 윤재
11 June 2030 @ 04:50 am

♥ nomad / dreamer

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Lavena 윤재
29 September 2014 @ 12:55 am
Ultimate Doki Doki!
Midnight Secretary
The Hands the Demon Adored
Mishounen Produce
Skip Beat (218/?)
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
Biyaku Cafe
Hapi Mari

Ao Haru Ride (44/44)
Hana Kimi (46/162)
Himitsu no Ai-Chan

It was okay
Aiomou Hito (Collections)
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (19/32)

Mixed Feelings
Black Bird

Strobe Edge (14/37) - Disliked female heroine acting all innocent when she's a bitch
Desire Climax (20/49) - The smut was just getting all creepy and overdone
Kaichou wa Meido-Sama - Don't get the appeal
Rhapsody in Heaven - errrr
Lavena 윤재
15 February 2014 @ 06:42 pm
Waiting my days to come again.
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Lavena 윤재
02 February 2013 @ 11:33 am
You really can change, your reality is based on the way you think. -Oprah

Heck yeah I need to bring myself out from this emotional self-pity-everybody-hates-me bubble again. I deserve to be happy no matter what. Will own up to the mistakes I do and show them the person I am that been misjudge from time to time.

And yes this positivity works before and it'll work again!
Lavena 윤재
02 February 2013 @ 06:18 am
Latecomer I know.

But I live in a country where they don't air shows like that or not that I'm aware of.
I rarely watch reality TV (because most of them sucks) and the only one I keep up with was ANTM? (even that was partially scripted). Funny thing is I think I've heard Dr Phil mentioned in some songs that I was listening to

So I went on Youtube, click on the video about 'Mum hating Daughters' and ta-da there is where my hooking started. So I've been watching videos under the user who uploaded them and then I couldn't stop. It's showing a lot of those people who have issues with hate, self-rightousness, ego, denial etc are mostly due to insecurity issues.

I guess I was fascinated with the minds of the people who are going through issues that honestly shocked me at times, although yes maybe sometimes Dr Phil wasn't really be soft to some people but heck from where I am coming from we're freakin harsh and yeah I do think some people that he told off deserve some scolding.

What shocked me are rape cases by their own family repeatedly for YEARS and they come out courageous and so strong by it. Not even acting like a victim nor acting traumatic. Like seriously props to people like that. And after watching shows like that.. suddenly my problem (and the peoples' problem around) is like a small grain of sand compared to an ocean.

Makes me want to deal my problems with more dignity.

Yes I still can't stop watching Dr Phil and I sleep at late hours because my mind keeps thinking and keeps being curious about the minds of people that do the crimes/perpetrator and goes through all these problems. I couldn't comprehend how people would do the things they do (especially criminals) and I learn that enablers play a big part on letting these people commit their faults repeatedly.

It's just funny how the more problematic, weirdest, egoistic person can married and have children and still have people sticking to be with them while the nicest people in the world are still single. Maybe it's just .... hmm fate or time and circumstances?

Such a world we're living in.

I do read up on comments that a lot of people do not agree with Dr Phil's method but I do like him so far. And it certainly woke me up from my self-pity pool these days.
(Thought I'm still struggling with finding myself and connecting with people)
Lavena 윤재
24 January 2013 @ 11:59 pm
So my last LJ entries was 2 years ago.

Wow just wow.

So what have I been doing my life. Been exploring things, going through mishaps, left old friends meeting new people, changing perspectives in life, well despite everything I'm the same old me :)

Life has anything been funny.
And well karma happens for certains I did in my life.
I'm paying back for some of the things I had used to take for granted.
And honestly I felt very relief for getting this karma because it makes me stronger.

I'm not living a lie anymore.

So I heard Yui went on a hiatus.

And hey new LJ layout!
Will be here more often to get in touch with my music side I guess.
BTW I have my own band!
Lavena 윤재
12 January 2010 @ 03:32 am
After being absent from LJ for so long. I literally missed LJ. Really! And I have NEVER made a proper entry for like almost half a year? Also, I've kinda missed the feeling of being in a cocoon shell. Just wrapped up in that small area where I will feel at peace. Even if it's just for awhile. And to my f-list, I know I have been a very bad LJ friend so major apologies. as usual if you want to remove me please do so.

What have I been up to? Internship semester! I wanted to go to Masako-nesama's company but that company chose my classmate instead of me and he complained working there. That bugger! Oh well anyways I'm working at my boyfriend's company instead so I have some freedom. Like surfing the net all day long and laze around! But of course, I can't take advantage and still have to do some work. I've yet to be evaluated by my boyfriend's partner.

Movies and Shows
As usual. I has no watch any blockbuster epic movie besides Avatar. Guh.. I really has no time. As for TV Series, I've only been following up on Chuck and I HAVE TO watch CSI DVD boxset that my_chris borrowed me. *swt*

Ironically, Lord of Vermillion's music sounds more Final Fantasy-ish than whatever FF is out now. (oh god Leona Lewis *rolls eyes* don't remind me) And it's by the great Nobuo! Ahh he's still the best! *cries* I feel like playing the game already but no time. I'll just stick to my DS-su. Besides that, been listening to Macross Frontier songs on repeat. ( I grieved, coz I missed seeing May'n TWICE!). Listening to random bands like Air and The Postal Service for something different. =D

Yep, I have decided to sell one of my dolls. ;-;

Sidetracked : Adagio Project
Recently opened a booth with the Adagio gang at Comic Fiesta 2009. I can't believe my lousy badges can be sold ;_;. And yeap hope to improve my drawing this year yosh!

Guess what spark is back? My cosplay spark! Yes I'm into this expensive hobby again. And I'll probably be 100% COSPLAY MODE : ON this year. I guess I feel inspired again. I recently did Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. My cosplay was borderline satisfied for me though. I really hope I don't ruined Ciel because I really love him! A few of my cosplay groupies includes akiyumi87 (Maylene) and checkerzelda (Sebby)! Gah I planned to do another photoshoot of Ciel this year <333

Clickie to DA:

More at my Deviantart
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Lavena 윤재
30 May 2009 @ 12:39 am
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Lavena 윤재
29 April 2009 @ 06:02 pm
..but I so lack motivation. *sigh* I was trying to give my LJ a facelift but a lot of layout don't suit my content and my currents look retarded. I'm too lazy to figure out the codes so I just change the background. And yes different icons now? Totally different right?

And now I am totally digging Lady Gaga's Fashion song. It's so literal lol. I like the part where she mentions the her favourite designers name in French.

the lyricsCollapse )

Gah besides that the swine flu outbreak kinda freaks me out. My condolences to all the victims. I heard its starting to spread into Asia. And I have a flu now so I hope I don't get paranoid. Guh I'm having headaches now.

I should be starting on my packaging design, typography design and the alfa city website. It should all be finished tonight! Man I have not touched a thing! *sob*
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Lavena 윤재
28 April 2009 @ 08:55 pm
That's it from today onwards. I will babble more about my life. Hmm... but I seem to forget what I had to do whenever I come home.

Despite being busy and having a very bad time management as usual. I am re-watching Eureka 7 and lovin it! (thanks Chris for introducing it!)

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