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28 April 2009 @ 08:55 pm
daily dose of uhh?  
That's it from today onwards. I will babble more about my life. Hmm... but I seem to forget what I had to do whenever I come home.

Despite being busy and having a very bad time management as usual. I am re-watching Eureka 7 and lovin it! (thanks Chris for introducing it!)

I don't know why this anime is like so quiet. Maybe to me. It was around 2005? What was the anime craze round 2005-2006? *checks* Oh ya it's around Trinity Blood/Blood+/School Rumble/Rozen Maiden/Honey and Clover era and around 2006 is the Code Geass/Nana craze. I guess this anime never had that big chance to be overhyped? Nevertheless, I can't believe it missed this back than.. Eureka 7 is definitely up in my list!

My favourite character in the whole show shockingly was Anemone! (And that time I really like Koshimizu Ami because of her BUT the Kallen thing turn me off GUH.) But when I rewatch the whole show and I ended up having my fair share love for each of the characters. Heck I even grow to like Renton because I feel I can relate to him? (he's kinda like Naruto.. I don't fangirl over him but I will kinda support him)

Yeah the main reason why I love this anime a lot is because of the feeling. Why did I say this because usually when I watch an anime.. whether I will have an everlasting liking for it..it must have this nice feeling. Yes I do love fanservice/WOW storylines kinda anime but I won't really go crazy for those for long. I like the blending of the story with the mecha .. the mecha scenes are not overdone,the battle scenes are not too long unlike other mecha animes. The background setting and whole story comes into place around the end of the anime. Mix ethnicity characters. Surf bots yeah! Most people might find find Eureka 7 boring because they don't have much of the usual typical ELEMENTS inside and maybe that is why I love it! Other people though might find it typical after watching the first 10 eps... it's because the first 10 is just the beginning!!

And this is getting long dammit. I'm support to make this short and sweet! Basically Eureka 7 is a happier, less-confusing, less-emo, less-frustrating, less-annoying version or NGE (it's a classic but it DOES get annoying when you don't know what is going on or at SHINJI) or RaXephon or something. Maybe because there are aiming for the younger population? AND IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING. GOSH I'm sick of HIGH DEATH RATE ANIMES. It's so overrated. WHAT? Killing people off makes the story cooler now? NO! It means running way because its obvious directors don't know how to end it!

I think I should be done with this. Anyways I wikied Eureka 7 and the anime/manga actually won TONS of awards. I think it has a such a great story. Okay done nuff said!


NerdTests.com says I'm a Non-Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

I think I AM a nerd in a different way I guess. Maybe I was just a dork? But gosh all these questions are about Star Wars and I don't know much about Star Wars though I do wish to own a light saber actually one day for the lolz but they are SOO expensive!

Okay Thursday nite. I have this Karaoke nite event. I hope you guys can come and join! Well it's not a big thing but I have not seen you Adagios for a such a longgg time.

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